I paid for a casting lesson but received so much more! I wanted to increase my casting distance so I contacted Ron Arra for a lesson. We agreed to meet at a beach near Sandy Neck Cape Cod. I had agreed to pay for a 3 hour casting lesson but Ron ended up spending over six hours with me. Ron went over my equipment and showed me how to set it up for maximum performance. We then started my lessons. Within a few minutes Ron had me casting much further than I had ever been able to do! My casting lesson soon turned into an unforgettable fishing trip. On the first practice cast we hooked a striped bass. We were lucky enough to be within my now increased casting distance of quite a few bass blitzes. It was an unforgettable experience. We caught lots of bass and bluefish on topwater plugs. It was a blast! Ron showed me how to work several different types of lures and he let me try some of his signature rods. He also showed me the kind of water to fish and the right way to fish it with different lures. I have fished a lot from Mexico to the Arctic Circle. I can not think of a single day of fishing where I was able to increase my skill and knowledge as much as the day I spent with Ron. It was also one of the most fun days of fishing I have ever had. I learned a lot, had a great time and made a new friend. It was money well spent. If you want to increase your fishing skill and knowledge book a casting lesson with Ron. You will be glad you did. 
-James Stoddard

"My name is Lisa Lipsett and I am the wife of Lloyd and the mother of Lloyd who had a fishing outing with you a few weeks ago. They have not stopped raving about the trip, and I was wondering if it would be possible to book another outing for them with you. Ideally, July 5th or 6th would work best since Ned has begun work in NYC and is not here full time, but if that does not work, is there another Saturday this summer that would?
Please let me know your availability at your convenience.
If you prefer to make arrangements over the phone, I can be reached at (XXX)XXX-YYYY.
Thank you!
-Lisa Lipsett

"We caught lots of stripers and can't wait to fish with him again soon to get us some real lunkers. Ron is a great guy with lots of fun stories and teaching advise. If you want to fish some of the best-kept secrets on the Cape, look him up!"
-Joe Doretti

"I had the opportunity and pleasure of testing those (Century) blanks, at the great CCC (Cape Cod Canal), with Ron....I was extremely impressed, especially with the 10'6" which has the potential to be the most versatile rod I have cast...but it really excels with big swimmers and jig head with rubber tails...the 11.6" it's a simple outstanding pencil distance machine!!! You guys have raised the bar again! Very happy for you Ron Arra!!! Thank you again for the opportunity, and also the great long talks where I always learn so much with you!"
-Joe Paiva

"Reassessing my cast a full season after learning distance casting techniques from Ron Arra. Had to back up behind the goal post (360 feet between posts) to keep the lure inside Leary field and not knock anyone out."
-Philip Chorman

"Some guys just seem to know what it takes to find a sweet spot. Like Ron Arra, 5-Time United States Distance Surf Casting Champion. For over 30 years, Ron has insisted on 100% Fuji components for the longest casting rods in the world." 
-Fuji, Angler's Resource

"Fishing Barnstable Harbor in Cape Cod, MA with the incomparable Ron Arra and my son, Daniel Mark. Despite the rainy weather, we nailed 'em. Thanks, Ron! I cherish these times with you and my son."
-Hugh Mura

"You won't find a better teacher than Ron. And unlike so many teachers, he is one of the few that can actually cast to a very high standard. Most of them talk theory very well, but the whole thing collapses when you ask them to demonstrate. Not so with Mr. Arra - best wishes from England."
-John Holden, Sea Angler Magazine, UK

"Ron Arra invented alot of the modern day form for distance casting. Distance from the sand can make or break any given day. Ron's been a multi-decade pioneer at the art of casting longer, easier, and making people successful at it." 
-Mark Davis, Big Water Adventures

"Ron Arra is a five-time world distance casting champion who has been featured numerous times over the years in Fisherman seminars, articles, and videos, helping to improve the casting skills of many Fisherman readers. He has made significant contributions towards the designs of surf rods, and has also designed a popular line of casting plugs." 
-The Fisherman Magazine, "100 Movers and Shakers on the 50 year timeline"

"Thanks for the great morning spent sharpening up my saltwater fly casting technique, and learning to surfcast so effectively too. Had a great time on the water and hope to catch up with you again soon in the Spring."
-Kevin Currie

"Last Monday my wife Jo-Ann and I were fortunate enough to have a 4 hour casting lesson with Ron Arra. He is a true gentleman and it was both fun and a very productive experience. He dramatically improved both our casting styles and greatly increased our casting distance."
-Greg and Jo-Ann Morin, Maine

"With Ron's technique it requires much less effort, with additional distance achieved. Overall, it was a great experience that I wish I had invested in earlier in my fishing career. I would recommend his service to anyone that wants to improve their form and technique. Ron is a natural teacher, his lessons are very straightforward and informative. Hire a guide and catch a fish, hire a teacher and improve your technique forever! When your lesson is over, you will have a new friend."
-Jed SE MA

"I had a lesson with Ron Arra about eight years ago, but I quickly went back to my old ways of trying to hit the rod as hard as I could and getting about 90 yards tops. I emailed Ron and met up with him for a lesson. Ron was able to pick out some of my flaws and remind me when I was grunting to take it easy and slow down. Not trying so hard is the biggest problem for me. Today, my hard casts were easy to spot because they went nowhere. My easy smooth casts had Ron's plugs flying great and further than I think I have ever cast before."
-Vern, Plymouth, MA

"Never forget, Ron, that besides your own casting performance you also helped to build the extremely solid foundation of long range surfcasting that now exists in the US. That is your true legacy. Well done!"
-John Holden, UK

"When I started to get into surf fishing I walked into Tackle Direct in OC NJ and purchased this book called the Ultimate Guide to Surf Fishing. I purchased a Ron Arra 1 to 5 oz Lamiglas. IT WAS THE BEST MOVE I EVER MADE. THANK YOU. YOU ARE MY IDOL BUDDY."
-Robert Dever, Philadelphia, PA

"Great seminar tonight in Nashua. Really happy I drove up from Boston, can't wait for the water temps to come up. Looking forward to practicing that pendulum cast technique druing the offeseason and putting it to use in the spring."
-Antonio Lopez, Boston, MA

"As a seasoned freshwater fisherman, I caught the saltwater/surf fishing bug about 6 years ago. Like anybody else, I used what I had and added gear from the local tackle shop. I was frustrated I couldn't cast much farther than 50 yards. I invested in a lesson for myself and my 25 year old son as a Father's Day gift to myself. Ron worked patiently with both of us for HOURS. I am proud to report his teaching helped me improve my cast another 50 yards, and my son added 75 yards. He also gave us proper equipment suggestions. Well worth the travel, time, and money!"
-Hugh Mura, NJ

"...The next three hours changed my (surfcasting) life. Up until then, I knew that I wasn't casting at full potential and usually ended up post vacation with a sore shoulder. Ron walked me through the steps, demonstrated his very fluid technique (with extreme and hubling results), watched me cast, provided feedback, watched me cast again, and had me try a couple of different rod/reel combos."
-K. McCarthy, Philadelphia, PA

"Ron Arra is an awesome teacher, fisherman, and gentleman!"
-Paul "Paco" Hernandez

"I am a Ron Arra Fan! and I know that anything he puts his name on is first class" just like himself! He is a pioneer in our sport and a great teacher and mentor and example to thousands of surfcasters through his many books and seminars...I will definitely be on the list to purchase one of those new rods. I already own two Ron Arra rods from Lamiglas which have served me faithfully for many years. Would love to add one of these Cousins tackle version to the collection. I wish Ron Good luck in the new Venture. His fans are behind him all the way!"
-John Gundez Turkey

"Dear Ron,
My name is Joe Codding. My father and I had the pleasure of meeting you at Red Top the other day. You suggested that I get your yellow popper. I'm very happy to let you know that today I used your lure and caught the biggest striped bass that I've ever caught. It wasn't a monster by any means, but it's my personal best. Your lure casts like no other I've ever thrown and help up nicely after the bass smashed it against the rocks. My father also had good luck on the lures he bought. We will be buying more of your lures and spreading the work on your excellent product."
-Joe Codding, Ludlow, MA

"Ron has helped so many anglers achieve greater distance, more importantly his technique requires far less effort. Who doesn't want to fish for a full day without needing a visit to the chiropractor. Keep up the great work Ron!
-Mike Laptew, North Kingstown, RI

"Always room for improvement. Best thing I ever did back then...I literally had serious problems on my elbows and tons of pain after every single trip. My casting was all about "power," But not 20 anymore... Today I can actually cast with less effort and for the most part no problems again with elbows. Thanks Ron with all the tips and and help."
- Joe Paiva, Boston, MA

"With 4 pins in my shoulder, Ron's teaching method keeps me casting all day with little effort and most importnatly with no pain in the shoulder. As well as much greater distance than I was every able to achieve on my own!"
- Gordon Giusti, Dartmouth, MA

"Thanks again Ron! I came away from the lesson feeling great about my progress and excited to put everything I learned to use on the beaches in Jersey. Tight lines my friend, you're the best!"
- Eric Vaugn, NJ

"5x US distance casting champ Ron Arra helped me with my swing for a few hours yesterday; a great teacher and an even better guy. With his instruction, I was able to properly swing a couple faster rods I'd never been able to load before. He showed me how to get more distance with a fraction of the effort and I can't wait to see what my new swing evolves into."
- Jesse Kim, Boston, MA

"I had the privilege of spending a few hours with Ron on the beach this past year. I am no legend but I know how to fish, and some of the techniques he showed me were like nothing I'd ever seen...it really is about technique, sometimes getting out past the breakers is the difference between catching and fishing. Cast with less effort, and call Ron to set up a lesson, you won't regret it."
- Danya Mahota, Brewster, Cape Cod

"...Thank you so much.  The boy (his son Ethan) is 12 years old and 95 pounds, so anyone in reasonable good condition can improve his or her distance, enjoyment and most importantly, number of fish on the beach!"
- Ed and Ethan, NJ

"I recently found myself at my physical limits of my natural casting abilities.  I made a commitment to hire a true professional, Ron Arra.  Overall, it was a great experience that I wish I had invested in earlier in my fishing career.  I would recommend his service to anyone that wants to improve their form and technique. Ron is a natural teacher, his lessons are very straightforward and informative. Hire a guide and catch a fish; hire a teacher and improve your technique forever!  When you lesson is over, you will have a new friend." 
- Ged

"Last Monday my wife Jo-Ann and I were fortunate to have a 4 hour casting lesson with Ron Arra. He is a true gentleman and it was both fun and a very productive experience.  He dramatically improved both our casting styles and greatly increased our casting distance."
- Greg M.

"I have been practicing bad casting technique habits all my fishing life; 20+ years. I'm so glad that I followed some advise ... on the importance of improving technique, besides good gear, and Ron's classes. It really was fun to spend a morning with a legend and learn from him.  I was amazed how much I did improve distance with way less effort ... thank you Ron Arra. 
- Azores