Hundreds of people have had lessons with Ron, from all over the country and other parts of the world. Learn from the 5x National Champion. Surfcasters tend to abuse their bodies through improper technique. Ron will show you how to use your body's momentum and create a smooth and graceful cast. Poetry in motion. 

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Ron's rod is being compressed into full lock position in the 1989 Las Vegas National Casting Championship.

The Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting


Casting Distance is the key to successful surf fishing. In The Ultimate Guide To Surfcasting, Ron Arra - five time winner of the United States surfcasting championship - reveals the techniques that made him a casting champion , and explains how to apply these skills under genuine fishing conditions on the beach, as well as on the tournament field. The helpful recommendations for lure and rig selection , tackle, and tuning reels for maximum distance will help any surf fisherman to cast and fish with authority. This book can fit in your lure bag and brought to the beach if need be, to follow step-by-step photographs of Ron in action. Ron Arra fully explains all his Surf -casting techniques including a special chapter on two- handed, Spey-style fly rods that have found their way across the Atlantic and made it possible for American anglers to throw a fly farther out over the waves than ever before, achieving much greater distance than with traditional, one handed fly rods. Most Surfcasters, after reading this book, along with practice, have achieved at least 100' to there cast.   Foreward by former New York Times columnist Nelson Bryant.  The 6"x9" book contains 152 pages including photos.

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